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Oats are a food substitute for meals. Supplementing fiber and providing nutrients for the body. Good for people with constipation.

Ingredients: 100% ORGANIC Oats imported from Austrlia.

Target users: Suitable for all ages. Especially good for dieters, or diabetes, or heart disease, or obesity or constipation.

Storage: dry, cool, clean place. Avoid direct sunlight, avoid being pinched by heavy objects.

User manual: Put 30g of oatmeal in a glass with 180ml of boiling water, stir before using, can add sugar, milk (milk powder, fresh milk), or fruit as you like.

Use to cook porridge: boil about 250ml of water (can give a little meat, shrimp, fish, or eel), then seasoning, then add in 50g oats and continue boiling for 3 minutes and then eat.


Organic Oats are grown and produced to meet the minimum standards under NASSA certification

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