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Instant Oats Pure


Ingredients: 100% organic oats imported from Austrlia

Uses: That is type the criteria supper good

The Oats put in the meal every day help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, reduce cholesterol in the blood, and prevent osteoporosis, cancer, obesity.

Oats also help increase the ability to concentrate, avoid nervous breakdown, also strengthen the body’s immune system.

Oats not only provide the necessary nutrients for the body but also have the ability to fight inflammation and heal skin wounds.

Oatmeal is a solution for constipation sufferers.

Oatmeal mask cleanses the pores on the face, thanks to the oat saponin in the oatmeal that helps to effectively anti-aging and smooth the skin.

Target users: Suitable for all ages. Especially good for dieters, or diabetes, or heart disease, or obesity or constipation.

Packing: 400g/bag

User manual:

Put 30g of oatmeal in a glass with 180ml of boiling water, stir before using, can add sugar, milk (milk powder, fresh milk), or fruit as you like.

For cooking porridge: boil about 250ml of water (can give a little meat, shrimp, fish, or eel), then seasoning, then add 50g Procare oats and continue boiling for 3 minutes and then eat.


The product has no sugar, no flavoring, no preservatives

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