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Instant Oat Porridge – Chicken


Nutrition value of 1 packge 40g is:


The  pack of pure oat porridge (60%),  rice porridge embryo.

The pack of chicken: meat chicken sublimation drying (2%), carot, paro, cilantro sublimation drying

The pack of soup powder: seasoning seeds of chicken, iot salt, pepper powder, maltodextrin, spice powder, anticaking agent (551), synthetic fragrance for use in food

Storage: dry, cool, clean place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Target users: Adults and children on 36 months ages

Users manual:

  • Put porridge pack , soup power pack and vegetable in the bowl
  • Put boiled water in the bowl (around 350ml)

Cover the bowl for 3 minutes. Open the bowl, mix and use immediately. 

Warmning information: Do not use on the expiry date indicated on the package or have any unusual signs such as mold or insects invading the packaging.

Packing: 40g/ package – 30 packages/ carton.

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