Company Introduction

Xuan An Nutrition Food Co., Ltd was established in 26/07/2004, with the main business is to produce – distribute variety of different nutritious cereal, diet cereal, instant nutrious cereal drink, instant diet cereal drink,… In addition, Xuan An Nutrition Food Co., Ltd has a great operation in the other fields such as:

- Buying, selling, producing, and manufacturing the technology foods.
Import and export the dairy products: materials and finished products.
Stock, warehouse, plant for renting
Shipping services

Be able to support the production process and distribution VIET NGU COC under good quality, clean, and supply the most efficient product.

In 2014, Xuan An Nutrition Food Co., Ltd is proud to be the first company produced successfully the instant cereal drinks in Vietnam with two types of products: Instant diet cereal drink and Instant nutrious cereal drink which are belongs to Viet Ngu Coc brand loved by domestic consumers

Over 10 years, operating in nutritional beverage products field, Xuan An Nutrition Food Co., Ltd has always been a leading brand, committed to assure high quality, stable financial strength and a wide distribution system throughout the country. At the same time, the management team and staffs of the company always stimulate the innovate mind and improve their skills in different periods to bring the most nutritious products to consumers.

As a domestic company unstanding the needs of market and customer, Xuan An Nutrition Food Co., Ltd always takes the criterion "Desire to bring natural nutritional products to help customers to be cheerful every day with competitive price and match with the Vietnamese income. "